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in 2013 







garden and first floor 
second and third floor 
fourth floor 

January 10-March 4 
January 17-March 11 
January 25-March 18 

Whitney Museum of American Art 945 Madison Avenue, New York 


The Whitney Museum's Annual Exhibitions of 
Contemporary American Art, alternating between 
painting and sculpture, started in 1932, shortly 
after the Museum was founded. This year they be- 
come biennial exhibitions, but the change does 
not, in effect, alter the Museum's long tradition of 
surveying recent developments in our painting 
and sculpture. It simply means that the two media 
are shown in the same year rather than in succes- 
sive seasons^Furthermore, by turning all five floors 
of the Museum over to the Biennial it is possible to 
include almost as many works as in two of the 
former Annuals— each of which occupied about 
half the building. 

/^The consolidation of media also obviates the 
increasingly shadowy distinction between paint- 
ing and sculpture, and facilitates comparisons 
between them. We hope, as a result, that the 
Biennial will prove a more useful indication of 
current directions than the old Annuals, /j 

As in the past, works for this exhibition are in- 
vited by the curatorial staff— not juried. Following 
a tradition established by the Museum's founder, 

no prizes are given, but a number of works from 
the show are customarily purchased for the 
Museum's permanent collection. 

fWhile the purpose of this series has always 
been to survey the current state of American art, 
it has become increasingly apparent that^eyen a 
show of this size cannot begin to approximate a 
fair cross section of the creative talents and trends 
of our day. There are simply too many good artists 
in America. We have therefore chosen to concen- 
trate increasingly — though not exclusively — on 
those new directions which seem to be generating 
the most creative excitement.jAnd while we show 
the work of well-established artists as well as that 
of younger innovators, we try to select those whose 
work has grown, deepened, or changed in ways 
that offer more than a repetition of their past ac- 
complishments^ We try, in short, to select work 
which is contributing significantly to the develop- 
ment of our contemporary art.\ 

John I. H. Baur 


Whitney Museum of American Art 

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Founder 


Flora Whitney Miller, Chairman 

David M. Solinger, President 

Flora Miller Irving, Vice President 

Alan H. Temple, Secretary and Treasurer 

Arthur G. Altschul 

John I. H. Baur 

B. H. Friedman 

Lloyd Goodrich 

W. Barklie Henry 

Susan Morse Hilles 

Michael H. Irving 

Thomas M. C. Johnston 

Howard W. Lipman 

Steven Muller 

Mrs. Laurance S. Rockefeller 

Robert W. Sarnoff 

Benno C. Schmidt 

Charles Simon 

Laurence A. Tisch 

William M.White, Jr. 

Stephen E. Weil, Assistant Secretary 

Museum Staff 

John I. H. Baur, Director 

Lloyd Goodrich, Consultant 

Stephen E. Weil, Administrator 

Margaret McKellar, Executive Secretary and Registrar 

Robert M. Doty, Curator 

James K. Monte, Associate Curator 

Marcia Tucker, Associate Curator 

Elke M. Solomon, Associate Curator, Prints 

and Drawings 
Patricia Hills, Associate Curator, 18th- and 

19th-century Art 
David Bienstock, Curator, Film 
Bruce Rubin, Associate Curator, Film 
Margaret M. Watherston, Conservator 

David Hupert, Head, Education Department 
Walter S. Poleshuck, Development Officer 
Donald La Badie, Head, Public Relations 
Jean Lipman, Editor, Publications 
Libby W. Seaberg, Librarian 

Wilbur C. Ashman, Controller 

Jessie Morrow Mohrmann, Personnel Supervisor 

Doris Wilk Palca, Supervisor, Sales and Information 

John Murray, Building Manager 

John E. Martin, Head Preparator 

Robert F. Clark, Chief Security Officer 

All addresses are in New York City unless otherwise 
noted. The number in parentheses following the address 
indicates the artist's dealer as listed under "Galleries." 
Unless otherwise noted dimensions are in inches, height 
preceding length or width. 

One work included in the exhibition is located outside 
the Museum. The location is included in the catalogue 
listing. Most of the works in the exhibition are for sale. 
Prices are available at the Information Desk. 

Alice Adams b. 1930 
328 E. 89th St. (17) 
Long Wall wood 

William Allan b. 1936 
327 Melrose, Mill Valley, Cal. (26, 42) 
Prince Fire acrylic on canvas 
65V2 X 89 

Terry Allen b. 1943 

735 East Fedora, Fresno, Cal. (54) 

Sailor and . . . The Cortez Premonitions 

mixed media 


Carl Andre b. 1935 

Box 540, Cooper Station (56) 

Our Lady of Fall River Stringing Her Great Bow and 

Winging an Arrow Through Twelve Axeheads 

blue steel sheet 

96 X 4V 2 

John Baldessari b. 1931 

2405 3rd St., Santa Monica, Cal. (52) 

Baldessari Sings Lewitt video tape 

Thomas Bang b. 1938 

100 Monroe Parkway, Rochester, N.Y. (27) 

Untitled rubber and wire 

85 X 5 X 25V2 

Paula Barr b. 1945 

133 Mercer St. 

Moss Toss acrylic and charcoal on canvas 

89 Vz X 49V 4 

Frances Barth b. 1946 

address withheld 

Key Yellow acrylic on canvas 


Joel Bass b. 1942 

3328 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal. (54) 
Untitled (#000156) mixed media 
68V2 X 109 

Robert Bechtle b. 1932 

O.K. Harris Gallery, 465 West Broadway 

64 Chrysler oil on canvas 


Collection Max Palevsky 

Lynda Benglis b. 1941 

140 Baxter St. (9) 

Mu, Nu (Alphabet Series) mixed media 

61 X 111 X14 

Jo Baer b. 1929 

Lo Giudice, 59 Wooster St. (25) 

H. Arcuata oil on canvas 

22 X 96 X 4 

Fletcher Benton b. 1931 
1072 Bryant St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Stainless Steel M stainless steel and plexiglas 
26 X 29 X 3 

Malcolm Bailey b. 1947 

462 Broome St. (59) 

Untitled #25 enamel on plexiglas 

69% X 69% 

Tony Berlant b. 1941 

2802 2nd St., Santa Monica, Cal. (20) 

The Wave mixed media 

23V2 X 26 3 /4 X 21 

Jake Berthot b. 1939 

66 Grand St. (27) 

Scruff oil on canvas 


Collection Al and Sandra Ordover 

Natalie Bieser b. 1948 
201 San Juan Ave., Venice, Cal. (29) 
Honkers on Yonkers mixed media 
90 X 90V 2 

Ronald Bladen b. 1918 
182 Fifth Ave. (18) 
Untitled painted wood 

William Bollinger b. 1939 

11 Van Wagner Rd., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (27) 

Untitled cast-iron and wood 


Louise Bourgeois (birthdate withheld) 
347 W. 20th St. (20) 
Number Seventy Two marble 
240 X 240 

Frank Bowling b. 1936 

535 Broadway 

Hello Rosa (for Gregoire and Whee), New York 

acrylic on canvas 


James Boynton b. 1928 
3723 Albans, Houston, Texas (2) 
Trout Route oil on canvas 

Peter Bradley b. 1939 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 41 E. 57th St. 
Clay Creek acrylic on canvas 
64 1 /4 X 60 1 /4 

Howard Buchwald b. 1943 
155 Suffolk St. (29) 
Untitled oil on canvas 

Peter Campus b. 1937 

279A West 22nd St. 

Kiva video camera, monitor and mirrors 

30 X 12 

Private Collection 

Cynthia Carlson b. 1942 

No. 212 Colorado Chautauqua, Boulder, Col. (34) 

Colorado Landscape No. 3 acrylic on canvas 


John Chamberlain b. 1927 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Lovage mixed media 

45 X 67 X 59 

Dan Christensen b. 1942 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 41 East 57th St. 

Gray Hannah acrylic on canvas 


Edward Clark b. 1926 

400 W. 23 St. 

Integrated Oval it 1 oil on canvas 


John Clem Clarke b. 1937 

O.K. Harris Gallery, 465 West Broadway 

Abstract with Subject oil on canvas 


Arthur Cohen b. 1945 

29 W. 26th St. 

Baroque Chapel #3 oil on canvas 


Roger Brown b. 1941 

701 Buena, Chicago, III. (34) 

Ajar and Ablaze oil on canvas 


Joyce Cole b. 1939 

11 W. 20th St. 

Untitled acrylic on canvas 

60 X 126 

Jaime Davidovitch b. 1936 

16410 Fernway Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio (41) 

Tape Project video tape 


Loretta Dunkelman b. 1937 
151 Canal St. (1) 
Ice-Sky caran d'ache on paper 
40% X135 

Gene Davis b. 1920 

4120 Harrison St., N.W., Washington, D.C. (18) 

Jabberwocky acrylic on canvds 


Robert Duran b. 1938 
431 Broome St. (6) 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

S. A. Davis b. 1945 

120 Southern Heights, San Francisco, Cal. (26) 

Josephine nitro cellulose on canvas 


Roy DeForest b. 1930 

P.O. Box 47, Port Casta, Cal. (26) 

Untitled oil on canvas 


Stuart Diamond b. 1942 

454 Broome St. 

Informal Grid Lump acrylic on canvas 

80 X 75 1 /2 

David Diao b. 1943 

94 Prince St. 

Untitled acrylic on canvas 


Collection Dunkelman Gallery, Toronto 

Guy Dill b. 1946 

201 San Juan Ave., Venice, Cal. (24) 

Untitled steel and concrete 


Jim Dine b. 1935 

Sonnabend Gallery, 924 Madison Ave. 

Untitled mixed media 

73 X 75 X 42 

Jimmy Ernst b. 1920 

Ponus Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. (5) 

Another Silence oil on canvas 


Fred Eversley b. 1 941 

1110 West Washington Blvd., Venice, Cal. 

Untitled polyester resin 

40 (diameter) X 11 

Charles Fahlen b. 1939 

313 Gaskill St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Untitled mixed media 

35 X 62 X 25 

Jackie Ferrara (birthdate withheld) 

121 Prince St. 

Sheet in Trough mixed media 


Rafael Ferrer b. 1933 

511 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

House mixed media 

dimensions variable 

Louise Fishman b. 1939 

169 Mercer St. (29) 

Victory Garden of the Amazon Queen acrylic on linen 

4 units, 14 X 13 each 

John Duff b. 1943 

John Bernard Myers Gallery, 50 W. 57 St. (4) 

Gold Cylinder II fiberglas 

72X24X 120 

Sherron Francis (birthdate withheld) 
16Waverly Place (15) 
Mule Shoe acrylic on canvas 
79% X 52 y 2 

Mary Frank b. 1933 
463 West St. (58) 
Sundial stoneware 

Robert Gordy b. 1933 

2630 Bell St., New Orleans, La. (53) 

Still Life with Bricks acrylic on canvas 


Helen Frankenthaler b. 1928 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 41 W. 57th St. 

Thanksgiving acrylic on canvas 


Adolph Gottlieb b. 1903 
380 West Broadway (39) 
Open Above acrylic on canvas 

Ernest Frazier b. 1942 

58 East 4th St. 

Orisha for Alvin Loving acrylic on canvas 


Jaqueline Gourevitch b. 1933 

13 Red Orange Rd., Middletown, Conn. (12) 

Cloud Painting #64 oil on canvas 


Richard Friedberg b. 1943 
15 Greene St. (18) 
Tetracloud mixed media 

Nancy Stevenson Graves b. 1940 

164 Mulberry St. 

Montes Apenninus Region of the Moon acrylic on canvas 


William Geis b. 1940 

P.O. Box 85, Woodacre, Cal. (26) 

A Rose By Any Other Drain . . . mixed media 


Stephen Greene b. 1918 

408-A Storms Road, Valley Cottage, N.Y. (59) 

The Garden of Night oil on canvas 

49V2 X 49V 2 

Gregory Gillespie b. 1936 

Depot Rd., Haydenville, Mass. (19) 

Back Door, Williamsburg, Mass. mixed media 


Ken Greenleat b. 1945 
Lo Giudice, 59 Wooster St. 
Humboldt steel 

Carl Glikob. 1941 

131 W. 24th St. 

Pergamene acrylic on canvas 


Mary Grigoriadis b. 1942 

382 Central Park West (1) 

Simple Pleasures oil and acrylic on raw linen 


Michael Goldberg b. 1924 

222 Bowery (44) 

Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Gold mixed media 


Nancy Grossman b. 1940 
105EldrigeSt. (10) 
J.G. wood and leather 
17X6V2 X8 1 /2 

Sidney Goodman b. 1936 

323 Harrison Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. (14) 

Room 318 oil on canvas 


Robert Grosvenor b. 1937 
302 Elizabeth St. (9) 
Untitled wood 


Peter Gutkin b. 1944 

3178 17th St., San Francisco, Cal. (26) 

Steps oil paint and wood 


Ira Joel Haberb 1947 

105 W. 27th St. (18) 

August in a Brown Brick Box mixed media 

12X11 3 /4 X5 

Michael D. Hall b. 1941 

Cranbrook Academy of Art, 500 Lone Pine Rd., 

Bloomfield Hills, Mich. (33) 

Covington painted aluminum 


Duane Hanson b. 1925 

1141 Northwest 81st St., Pembroke Pines, Fla. (27) 

Artist with Ladder mixed media 

73 X 29 X 22 

Collection Mr. and Mrs. Saul Steinberg 

Randy Hardy b. 1944 
134 West Broadway 
Crackerjack mixed media 
32 X 65 X 8 

Robert Hartman b. 1926 

University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Undercast oil on canvas 


JoeHaskeb. 1945 
150 Chambers St. 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

Al Held b. 1928 

435 West Broadway (15) 

Flemish Six acrylic on canvas 


Collection Edward Cauduro 

Gilah Hirsch b. 1944 

261 OV2 West Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. (12) 

Mammoth oil on canvas 


Will Horwitt b. 1934 

131 E. 15th St. (3) 

Spaces with Iron cast iron and bronze 

95V4 X 66% X 51 

Gary Hudson b. 1936 

1660 Coast Blvd., Del Mar, Cal. 

Tryptich Buttress #7-#2-#3 acrylic on duck 

3 units 66X90 each 

Joel Janowitz b. 1945 

295 Washington St., Somerville, Mass. (45) 

Untitled oil on canvas 


Neil Jenney b. 1945 

76 Jefferson St. (25) 

Friend and Foe? acrylic on canvas 

27V2 X 98 

Alfred Jensen b. 1903 

152 Hawthorne Ave., Glenridge, N.J. (43) 

The Great Plan: Per III & IV oil on canvas 


Luis Jiminez b. 1940 

Rt. 1, Box 244, Roswell, N. M. (27) 

End of the Trail (with Electric Sunset) 

fiberglas and electric circuitry 


Jasper Johns b. 1930 
225 E. Houston St. (8) 
Untitled mixed media 

Buffie Johnson b. 1912 

231 E. 77th St. 

Lady Murasaki oil on canvas 


Lester Johnson b. 1937 

8350 East Morrow Circle, Detroit, Mich. (22) 

Straight, No Chaser acrylic on canvas 



Joan Jonas b. 1936 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Sapphos video tape 

Donald Judd b. 1928 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 4 E. 77th St. 

Untitled wood 

dimensions variable 

Alex Katzb. 1927 
435 West Broadway (39) 
Edwin oil on canvas 

LilaKatzenb. 1932 

345 West Broadway (30) 

Slip Edge-Bis Cor-ten and brushed stainless steel 

2 units, 144X42X24 each 

Jane Kaufman b. 1938 

262 Bowery (44) 

Shrinking Violet sprayed flash on canvas 

72 X 144 

Ellsworth Kelly b. 1923 
Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 
Two Panels: White/black oil on canvas 
1 1 1 X 64 

Lyman Kipp, b. 1929 
North Salem, N.Y. 
Pendragon painted aluminum 

Barbara Kruger b. 1945 

55 Leonard St. 

2 AM Cookie (Big) mixed media 

54 (diameter) 

Nicholas Krushenick b. 1929 
61 Studio Rd., Stamford, Conn. (43) 
Basic Elephant acrylic on canvas 

Frances Kuehn b. 1943 

RD 4, Box 550, Princeton, N.J. (30) 

Hineni acrylic on canvas 


Kay Kurt b. 1944 

225 East 25 Avenue, Duluth, Minn. (36) 

Licorice oil on canvas 


Ronnie Landfield b. 1947 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Jubilant Blue oil on canvas 

68 1 /2 X 45 

Richard Landry b. 1938 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Sax video tape 

Alfred Leslie b. 1927 

Noah Goldowsky with Richard Bellamy 

1078 Madison Ave. 

The Killing of Frank O'Hara (1966) oil on canvas 


Harriet Korman b 1947 
Lo Giudice, 59 Wooster St. 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

Mon Levinson b. 1926 
309 West Broadway (36) 
Clear Lozenge I cast acrylic 
37 X 73 X 6V2 

Lee Krasner b. 1908 
180 E. 79th St. (39) 
Untitled oil on canvas 

Alexander Liberman b. 1912 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 41 E. 57th St. 

Untitled steel 



Roy Lichtenstein b. 1923 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Still Life with Net, Shell, Rope and Pulley 

oil and magna on canvas 


Robert J. Lobe b. 1945 
76 Jefferson St. 
Untitled wood 
59V2 X 29 X 62% 

Alvin Loving b. 1935 

262 Bowery (59) 

Brownie, Sunny, Dave and Al mixed media 

dimensions variable 

Brice Marden b. 1938 

26 Bond St. (6) 

Summer Table oil and wax on canvas 


Clement Meadmore b. 1929 
800 West End Ave. (30) 
Dervish Cor-ten steel 
25 X 52 X 26 

Brenda Miller b. 1941 
463 West St. 

Ten by Ten mixed media 
80 X 80 X 1 to 41 

Richard McDermott Miller b 1922 
53 Mercer St. (55) 
Diane: Seated wax 
46 X 66 X 35 

Mary Miss b. 1944 

Box 304, Canal Street Station (17) 

Untitled wood 


John Mason b. 1927 

1521 South Central, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Unfinished Arch firebrick 

108 X 108X9 

Joan Mitchell (birthdate withheld) 

La Tour Ave., Claude Monet, Vetheuil, France (31) 

Bonjour Julie oil on canvas 


Louisa Matthiasdottir b. 1917 

Robert Schoelkopf Gallery, 825 Madison Ave. 

Sf/7/ Life with Chicken and Grapefruit oil on canvas 


Dennis McCarthy b. 1935 
147 Spring St. 
Untitled cotton duck 

Ann McCoy b. 1946 
35 Market St., Venice, Cal. (20) 
Amazon Waterfall mixed media 
162 X 108 

Richard Mock b. 1944 
179 Stanton St. 
Untitled mixed media 

Joan Moment b. 1938 

238 Puritan Dr., Sacramento, Cal. 

Cactus Palm mixed media 


Robert Morris b. 1931 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Untitled video tape 

David McManaway b. 1927 
3438 Milton, Dallas, Texas (2) 
A Comment mixed media 
8 1 /2 X16V4 X12V4 

Ree Morton b. 1936 
12 Waverly Place 
Untitled mixed media 


Robert Moskowitz b. 1935 
81 Leonard St. (29) 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

Richard Nonas b. 1936 
Southern Jumbo wood 

Robert Motherwell b. 1915 
Lawrence Rubin Gallery, 49 W. 57th St. 
Shem the Penman acrylic on canvas 
80 1/2 X 108V2 

David Novros b. 1941 
431 Broome St. (6) 
Untitled oil on canvas 

Catherine Murphy b. 1946 
Fourcade, Droll Inc., 36 E. 75th St. 
Jersey City Summer oil on canvas 

Elizabeth Murray b. 1940 

27 Cooper Square 

Madame Cezanne Series (in the armchair turning on 

the light.) oil on canvas 

two units, 36X36 each 

JimNuttb. 1938 

5608 Spilman St., Sacramento, Cal. (34) 

Sliding slowly softly . . . ! acrylic on canvas 

50V2 X 38V2 

Collection Peter and Janet Kulesh 

Kenzo Okada b. 1902 
101 W. 12th St. (46) 
Pink oil on canvas 
85 X 76V2 

Robert Murray b. 1936 
66 Grand St. 
Teal steel 
(dimensions unavailable) 

Jules Olitski b. 1922 

Lawrence Rubin Gallery, 49 W. 57th St. 

Seventh Trent acrylic on canvas 


Forrest Myers b. 1941 

238 Park Avenue South (9) 

Smoke in the Grass stainless steel pipe 


William Omwake b. 1946 

2419 Aspen St., Philadelphia, Pa. (37) 

Browenel Ticket acrylic on canvas 


Louise Nevelson b. 1900 
29 Spring St. (43) 
Night Tree Cor-ten steel 

Kenneth Noland b. 1924 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Sun Bouquet acrylic on canvas 


Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Goldberg 

George Ortman b. 1926 

Cranbrook Academy of Art, 500 Lone Pine Rd. 

Bloomfield Hills, Mich. (23) 

Column acrylic on canvas 

85X15V2 X 151/2 

Ray Parker b. 1922 

101 Prince St. (18) 

Untitled oil and acrylic on canvas 

93 X 227 


EdPaschkeb. 1939 

6439 N. Leavitt, Chicago, III. (13) 

Paula oil on canvas 


Philip Pearlstein b. 1924 

163 West 88th St. (21) 

Female Model on Bench with Blue Coverlet 

oil on canvas 


Joel Perlman b. 1943 

81 Greene St. 

Chevy Short (for Jeannie Day) steel 

72 X 67 X 36 

Irving Petlin b. 1934 

267 West 11th St. (42) 

Rubbings from the Calcium Garden . . . Fire Children 

oil on canvas 


William Pettet b. 1927 
31 Desbrosses St. (57) 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 
88 3 /4 X 81 

Larry Poons b. 1937 

Lawrence Rubin Gallery, 49 W. 57th St. 

#4 acrylic on canvas 

71 1 /4 X145 

Katherine Porter b. 1941 

618 Onate PI., Santa Fe, N.M. (45) 

White Square acrylic on canvas 


Joanna Pousette-Dart b. 1947 

130 BeekmanSt. 

Anashuya acrylic and sand on canvas 


Richard Pousette-Dart b. 1916 

286 Haverstraw Rd., Suffern, N.Y. 

Presence, Lavendre de Senanque oil on canvas 


Robert Povlich b. 1937 

16Rivington St. 

The Brothers Julio and Ernest oil on canvas 


Harvey Quaytman b. 1937 

Paula Cooper Gallery, 100 Prince St. 

Slow Sound and Light Show BP aquatec on canvas 


Joseph Raffael b. 1933 

13Tamarach Rd., San Geronimo, Cal. (29) 

Landscape oil on canvas 


Christina Ramberg b. 1946 

709 Buena, Chicago, III. (34) 

Waiting Lady acrylic on composition board 

23X31 1 / 4 

Collection A. James Speyer 

Robert Rauschenberg b. 1925 
Leo Castelli Gallery, 4 E. 77th St. 
Untitled mixed media 

Peter Reginato b. 1945 
60 Greene St. (12) 
Hannibal steel 

James Reineking b. 1937 
319 Greenwich St. 
Untitled steel 
234 X 54 X Vb 

Milton Resnickb. 1917 
Box 56, Rifton, N.Y. (30) 
Pink Fire oil on canvas 
88 X 204 

Tony Robbin b. 1943 

71 Franklin St. 

Tonikuni acrylic on canvas 


Lent by Donna Schneier and Janet Lehr 


Dorothea Rockburne (birthdate withheld) 

Bykert Gallery, 24 E. 81 St. 

6 Pieces from Series Ineinander 

mixed media 

20 X 40 each 

Robert Rohm b. 1934 

26 Lake St., Wakefield, R.I. (27, 45) 

Untitled (Water level) mixed media 


John Seery b. 1941 

73 Leonard St. (15) 

Raw Bone acrylic on canvas 

136V2 X114 

Richard Serra b. 1939 
319 Greenwich St. (8) 
Untitled lead 
dimensions variable 

Bernard Rosenthal b. 1914 
358 E. 57th St. (35) 
High Tide brushed aluminum 
96 X 48 X 54 

EdRudab. 1922 
44 Walker St. (9) 
Slice acrylic on canvas 

Ludwig Sander b. 1906 

Lawrence Rubin Gallery, 48 W. 57th St. 

Aroostook IV oil on canvas 


Ray Saunders b. 1934 

6007 Rock Ridge Blvd., Oakland, Cal. (14) 

Sfar oil on canvas 


Charles Schucker b. 1914 

33 Middagh St., Brooklyn, N.Y. (30) 

Empress oil on canvas 


William Schwedler b. 1942 

28 E. 18th St. (34, 36) 

Better Goods acrylic and oil on canvas 


Alan Shields b. 1944 

83 Leonard St. (9) 

Hey Mom, How Do I Get Down, or, Who's that Dude 

with the Stripe Up His Ass mixed media 

5 wide (other dimensions variable) 

Nate Shiner b. 1944 

2131 51st St., Sacramento, Cal. (7) 

Hoochie Koochie acrylic on composition board 

163/e X24 

EdShostakb. 1941 

76 Jefferson St. (18) 

Untitled wood and building board 

48 X 96 X 22 

Alex Siburney b. 1942 
95 Second Ave. 
Untitled mixed media 

AlanSiegel b. 1938 
970 Lexington Ave. (29) 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 
90 X 120 

Arden Scott b. 1938 
73 Leonard St. 
Barron Fancy steel 

Louis Siegriest b 1899 

Triangle Gallery, 251 Post St., San Francisco. Cal 

Valley of Fire mixed media on masonite 

48 X48 


Site, Inc. founded 1969 

60 Greene St. 

Sfare St. Project, Binghamton, N.Y. 

(for the Urban Development Corp.) 

mixed media 


Arlene Slavin b. 1942 

250 W. 27th St. 

Sabz-Almas acrylic on canvas 


Susan Smith b. 1934 

39 Bond St. (17) 

Pink Wall Series #32735 pastel and gesso on 

foamcore board 


Tony Smith b. 1912 

66 Stanley Rd., East Orange, N.J. (20) 
Untitled painted wood 

Robert Smithson b. 1938 

799 Greenwich St. (56) 

Spiral Hill and Broken Circle, Emmen, Holland 

mixed media 

900 X 720 and 1680 (diameter) 

Kenneth Snelson b. 1927 

36 West 26th St. (56) 

Untitled aluminum and polypropylene rope 


Joan Snyder b. 1940 
105 Mulberry St. (44) 
Womanchild mixed media 

Keith Sonnier b. 1941 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Mat Key Radio Track video tape 

Raphael Soyer b. 1899 

88 Central Park West (19) 

Woman Biting Her Nails oil on canvas 


Christopher Sproat b. 1945 

89 Bickford St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. (45) 

Installation Piece neon 

dimensions variable 

Bob Stanley b. 1932 

3 Crosby St. 

Bypassed City acrylic on canvas 


Jim Starrett b. 1937 
81 Leonard St. 
Tuhelo acrylic on canvas 
51 Vz X51V2 

Michael Steiner b. 1945 
Marlborough Gallery, 41 East 57th St. 
Betonica Cor-ten steel 
34 X 130X110 

PatSteirb. 1938 
164 Mulberry St. (44) 
Border Lord oil on canvas 

Jack Sonenberg b. 1925 
128 East 16th St. 
Perimeter II mixed media 

Frank Stella b. 1936 
224 West Houston St. (8) (49) 
Kamonika Strumilowa IV mixed media 
90 X 1 1 1 


Gary Stephan b. 1942 

76 Jefferson St. (6) 

Untitled oil and acrylic on wood 


Cy Twombly b. 1929 

Leo Castelli Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Untitled oil and crayon on canvas 


Sylvia Stone b. 1928 
138 Prince St. (15) 
Another Place plexiglas 

Jack Tworkov b. 1900 
161 West 22nd St. (29, 45) 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

George Sugarman b. 1912 

21 Bond St. 

Model for Roxanne: a Sculpture Complex 

painted aluminum 

39 X 72 X 48 

Andy Tavarelli b. 1942 

655 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass. (45) 
Atlantic Avenue acrylic on canvas 

Gary Tenenbaum b. 1943 
32 Union Square 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

Edgar Tolson b. 1904 
Compton, Ky. (47) 
Expulsion of Adam & Eve wood 

George Trakas b. 1944 
84 Franklin St. 
Mount mixed media 
38 X 80 X 231 

AnnTruittb. 1921 

3506 35th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. (15) 

Desert Reach painted wood 

80V2 X8X13 

Susan Tunick b. 1946 

10 White St. 

Dusty Miller acrylic on canvas 

57 X 98V2 

Nancy Van Deren b. 1944 
80 Jefferson St. 
Untitled acrylic on canvas 

Lester Van Winkle b. 1944 

1010 Cleveland St., Richmond, Va. (28) 

Untitled steel and painted wood 


Robert Wade b. 1943 

302 Vi South Beckley, Dallas, Texas (36, 51) 
Waco light sensitive emulsion on canvas 
90 X 1 1 1 

Jeffrey Way b. 1 942 

54 Leonard St. (45) 

Untitled pure pigments and acrylic on canvas 


William Wegman b. 1943 

2001 1 /2 Main St., Santa Monica, Cal. (52) 

Selected Works 1972 video tape 

Neil Welli verb. 1929 

John Bernard Myers Gallery, 50 W. 57th St. 

Storm over Brigg's Meadow oil on canvas 


Lynton Wells b. 1940 

307 West Broadway (11) 

AQ 72 photo-sensitized linen and acrylic 


Collection Mr. and Mrs. John H. Slimak 


Salle Werner b. 1939 

Department of Bio-Chemistry, Rice University, 

Houston, Texas 

100 watercolor on paper 


Tom Wesselmann b. 1931 

231 Bowery (32) 

Jenny Claire 16 months oil on canvas 

72 X 63V2 

Collection Jenny Claire Wesselmann 

H. C. Westermann b. 1922 

Box 28, Brookfield Center, Conn. (21) 

The Pig House mixed media 


Jay Wholley b. 1942 

130 Beekman St. 

Bethlehem 2 Ton steel and stone 


William T. Wiley b. 1937 

Box 654, Woodacre, Cal. (26) 

Saintspill acrylic on canvas 


Collection C. David Robinson 

Hannah Wilke b. 1940 

463 West St. (16) 

In Memory of My Feelings dyed latex rubber and snaps 

8 1 /4 X 90 

Jackie Winsor b. 1941 

141 Canal St. (9) 

7 Bound Grid wood and twine 

84 X 84 X 6 

Philip Wofford b. 1935 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 41 E. 57th St. 

Bowstone Chant acrylic on canvas 


Nina Yankowitz b. 1946 

83 Leonard St. (36) 

Untitled acrylic on cotton duck threads 


Adja Yunkers b. 1900 

217 East 11th St. 

Variation on Composition XI acrylic on canvas 

63 1 / 2 X 48 

Robert Zakanych b. 1935 

18 Warren St. (11) 

Untitled acrylic on canvas 


Private Collection 

Larry Zox b. 1936 

Andre Emmerich Gallery, 420 West Broadway 

Nares Plain acrylic on canvas 


Neil Williams b. 1934 
Lo Giudice, 59 Wooster St. 
Singer acrylic on canvas 

Chris Wilmarthb. 1943 
144 Wooster St. (9) 
Blue Release steel and glass 
60 X 84 X 63 



1 A.I.R. 

2 Atelier Chapman Kelley, Dallas 

3 Lee Ault &Co. 

4 Irving Blum Gallery, Los Angeles 

5 Grace Borgenicht Gallery 

6 Bykert Gallery 

7 The Candy Store Gallery, Folsom, Cal. 

8 Leo Castelli Gallery 

9 Paula Cooper Gallery 

10 Cordier &Ekstrom, Inc. 

11 Cuningham Ward 

12 Tiborde Nagy 

13 Deson-Zaks Gallery, Inc., Chicago 

14 Terry Dintenfass, Inc. 

15 Andre Emmerich Gallery, Inc. 

16 Ronald Feldman, Fine Arts, Inc. 

17 55 Mercer Street 

18 Fischbach Gallery 

19 Forum Gallery 

20 Fourcade, Droll Inc. 

21 Allan Frumkin Gallery 

22 Gallery Seven, Detroit 

23 Gimpel & Weitzenhoffer 

24 Jack Glenn Gallery, Corona Del Mar, Cal. 

25 Noah Goldowsky with Richard Bellamy 

26 Hansen-Fuller Gallery, San Francisco 

27 O.K. Harris, Inc. 

28 Henri Gallery, Washington, D.C. 

29 Nancy Hoffman Gallery 

30 Max Hutchinson Gallery 

31 Martha Jackson Gallery 

32 Sidney Janis Gallery 

33 Gertrude Kasle Gallery, Detroit 

34 Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago 

35 M. Knoedler&Co. 

36 Kornblee Gallery 

37 Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia 

38 Lo Giudice 

39 Marlborough Gallery 

40 John Bernard Myers Gallery 

41 New Gallery, Cleveland 

42 Odyssia Gallery 

43 The Pace Gallery 

44 Paley & Lowe, Inc. 

45 Parker Street 470, Boston 

46 Betty Parsons Gallery 

47 The Pied Serpent Folk Art Gallery, 
Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 

48 Julian Pretto 

49 Lawrence Rubin Gallery 

50 Robert Schoelkopf Gallery 

51 Smither Gallery, Dallas 

52 Sonnabend Gallery 

53 Galerie Simonne Stern, New Orleans 

54 Michael Walls Gallery, Los Angeles 

55 Washburn Gallery, Inc. 

56 John Weber Gallery 

57 Willard Gallery 

58 Zabriskie Gallery 

59 William Zierler, Inc. 



Edward Cauduro 

Dunkelman Gallery, Toronto 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Goldberg 

Peter and Janet Kulesh 

Al and Sandra Ordover 

Max Palevsky 

C. David Robinson 

Donna Schneier and Janet Lehr 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Slimak 

A. James Speyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Saul Steinberg 

Jenny Claire Wesselmann 


Geoffrey Clements 

Bevan Davies 

Jonas Dovydenas 



Lawrence Fink 

Jack Fulton 

Shunk Kender 

Stuart Lynn 

Robert E. Mates and Paul Katz 

Peter Moore 

O. E. Nelson 

Eric Pollitzer 

Nathan Rabin 

Walter Russel 

Steven Sloman 

Frank J. Thomas 

Malcolm Varon 


Alice Adams Long Wall 


Terry Allen Sailor and . . . The Cortez Premonitions 


Paula Barr Moss Toss 


Joel Bass Untitled 


Robert Bechtle 64 Chrysler 


Jake Berthot Scruff 


Roger Brown Ajar and Ablaze 


Howard Buchwald Untitled 


Arthur Cohen Baroque Chapel #3 


Joyce Cole Untitled 


John Duff Gold Cylinder II 


Bob Duran Untitled 


Ernest Frazier Orisha for Alvin Loving 


William Geis A Rose By Any Other Drain 


Gregory Gillespie 

Back Door, Williamsburg, Mass. 


Robert Gordy Still Life with Bricks 


Jacqueline Gourevitch Cloud Painting #64 


Nancy Graves Montes Apenninus Region of the Moon 


Mary Grigoriadis Simple Pleasures 


Michael D. Hall Covington 



Gilah Hirsch Mammoth 


Luis Jimenez End of the Trail (With Electric Sunset) 


Lee Krasner Untitled 


Nicholas Krushenick Basic Elephant 


Kay Kurt Licorice 


Alfred Leslie The Killing of Frank O'Hara (1966) 

Mon Levinson Clear Lozenge I 























••••••••■ ••••» 

Roy Lichtenstein Still Life with Net, Shell, Rope and Pulley 


Brenda Miller Ten By Ten 


Joan Mitchell Bonjour Julie 


Robert Motherwell Shem the Penman 


Robert Murray Teal 

Forrest Myers 

Smoke in the Grass 


David Novros 



tH-l I I I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 M - l- M I I I I I I i I I l M IB 

Jim Nutt Sliding, Slowly, Softly ... ! 


Ed Paschke Paula 


Philip Pearlstein Female Model on Bench with Blue Coverlet 


Larry Poons #4 


Joseph Raffael Landscape 


Christina Ramberg Waiting Lady 


Tony Robbin Tonikuni 


Ludwig Sander Aroostook IV 


William Schwedler Better Goods 


Ed Shostak Untitled 


Arlene Slavin Sabz Almas 


Susan Smith Pink Wall Series #32735 


Robert Smithson Broken Circle, Emmen, Holland 

Robert Smithson Spiral Hill, Emmen, Holland 


Kenneth Snelson Untitled 


Jack Sonenberg Perimeter II 


Raphael Soyer Woman Biting Her Nails 


Sylvia Stone Another Place 


Michael Steiner Betonica 

Lester Van Winkle 



Joan Snyder Womanchild 


Jeffrey Way Untitled 


Edgar Tolson Expulsion of Adam and Eve 


Neil Welliver Storm Over Brigg's Meadow 


Lynton Wells AQ 1972 


Chris Wilmarth Blue Release 

Jackie Winsor 7 Bound Grid 


Adja Yunkers Variation on Composition XI